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Presentation of Coat of Arms to Ballybay Town Council

Ballybay, in line with other town councils has now established its own Coat of Arms and the official Presentation of the Coat of Arms to the Town Council by the Deputy Chief Herald of Ireland, Mr Fergus Gillespie, took place on 14th May 2004.

Mr Gillespie explains the detail of the Coat of Arms in the following excerpt from his speech "The shield of arms consists of a field, or background of gold. This field is strewn with birch leaves and flax flowers proper. The birch leaves allude to the name of the town, Béal Átha Beithe, which means the Approach to the Ford of the Birches. The flax flowers, which are found in other Ulster coats of arms, reflect Ballybay's importance as a major centre of the Irish linen industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. The birch leaves refer to the birches which grew on the béal, or approaches to the stream, which itself is symbolised by a broad blue wavy band.
The Motto, Bheith I Lár Báire means to be in the centre of things, which I hope does justice to the role that Ballybay plays in the life of the County and the Nation, and justice to the hopes felt and aspirations held, by the council itself for the town of which they are the guardians".

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