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The function of the Planning Department is to plan and manage development within the county.  The responsibilities of Development Management Section include the processing of planning applications, provision of planning advice and Enforcement of illegal or unauthorised development. The responsibilities of Forward Planning include reviewing and preparing the County and Town Development Plans, Local Area Plans, Policies and Guidance Documents, and planning for infrastructure and economic and environmental development of the County and it’s towns.

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Fourth Agents' Workshop

A fourth Agent's Workshop was held in the Hillgrove Hotel, Monaghan on Thursday 3rd December 2015 at 4pm. Topics included Flood Risk Assessment, changes to the Building Control Management Regulations, an update on the review of the Register of Protected Structures and an explanation of Ribbon Development.

The associated presentations can be viewed by clicking on the links below:-

Introduction and Agents' Forum Update

Flood Risk Assessment

Building Control Presentation April 2015

Record of Protected Structures Presentation Dec 15

Ribbon Development Explanatory




Historical Planning Application Reference Number Changes

Following the reorganisation of local government Monaghan County Council is now the sole local authority for the towns of Monaghan, Carrickmacross, Castleblayney, and Clones. All planning functions within the County are now provided by Monaghan County Council. 

As the former local authorities had individual referencing systems for planning applications, historical files have now been renumbered to incorporate them within the Monaghan County Council referencing system. As a result planning applications have changed as follows:-

Former Planning Authority

Old Application Number

New Application Number

Clones Town Council

09/10 (tenth application of 2009)


Monaghan Town Council

09/10 (tenth application of 2009)


Castleblayney Town Council

09/10 (tenth application of 2009)


Carrickmacross Town Council

09/10 (tenth application of 2009)


You can access the online planning search system by clicking on the following link 


Click here for gPlan User Guide


If submitting a planning application which refers to a historical planning application number you make reference as follows:-

Clones Town Council application ref. 09/10 (now known as 09/20010)

Monaghan Town Council application ref. 09/10   (now known as 09/30010)

Castleblayney Town Council application ref. 09/10 (now known as 09/40010)

Carrickmacross Town Council application ref. 09/10 (now known as 09/50010)


If you have any problems with accessing documentation on these files, or if you have any other queries in this regard, please contact the Planning Office on 047 30532 or send an email to:‌



Clarification on Planning Application Townland Names

The Council has noted that the townlands supplied as the development address in some planning applications are being spelt in differing ways. This has the potential for confusion to interested parties trying to ascertain where a development is proposed, particularly when the version used is close to that of another similarly spelt townland.

To overcome this issue, the Council requires planning agents to use the version of spelling specified in the Place Names Order for County Monaghan from Monday 11th November 2013 (copy can be downloaded by clicking on the link below).

County Monaghan Official Placenames List

The Council will also accept reference being made to both versions (ie. version on Ordnance Survey Map and version in Place Names Order) but not solely the version given on Ordnance Survey Maps.

Any planning applications received after this date which do not include the version listed in the Place Names Order for County Monaghan will be declared invalid. Your co-operation in this matter is appreciated.


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