Welcome to the Housing Services

The main purpose of the Housing Directorate is to facilitate the provision of suitable, quality and cost effective housing accommodation and housing support.

The general strategy for realising the overall policy aim is that those who can afford to do so should provide housing for themselves, and those unable to do so from their own resources would have access to social housing or support to rent private housing.

Local Authority Housing

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Homelessness Accommodation

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Further information is available from:

Housing Department
Monaghan County Council
Monaghan, County Monaghan

Opening Hours for visiting the office:   10.00am to 12.00pm
                          Monday to Friday (Public Holidays excepted)


Appointments can be arranged outside of those times

Reception: Tel. (047) 30500

Welcome to the Housing section of Monaghan County Council. The links below provide details and contact information for our services.

Council Housing 

Voluntary Housing

Housing Grants

Housing Loans


Traveller Accommodation Contact

Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS)

Housing Assistance Payment (HAP)

The national housing strategy indicates that the overall policy is to enable all households to access good quality housing appropriate to their household circumstances and in their particular community of choice

The core activities carried out by the Housing section to further this aim are: 

  • Housing construction and maintenance programmes which includes the purchase of dwellings.
  • Assessment of the housing needs of private individuals; the allocation of Local Authority dwellings; and the assessment and collection of housing rents.
  • Operating the Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) and leasing schemes to provide accommodation for private individuals
  • The promotion of home ownership through Tenant Purchase Schemes and Loan Schemes
  • The improvement of accommodation for elderly and disabled persons through financial assistance. Assisting Voluntary Organizations to provide accommodation for qualifying persons.
  • The provision and management of Traveller Accommodation

If you have any problems finding the Housing information or Housing contacts you require please contact:

Housing Section,

The Glen,