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The main purpose of the Housing Directorate is to facilitate the provision of suitable, quality and cost effective housing accommodation and housing support.

The general strategy for realising the overall policy aim is that those who can afford to do so should provide housing for themselves, and those unable to do so from their own resources would have access to social housing or support to rent private housing.

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Housing Needs Assessment 2016

Notice is hereby given that Monaghan County Council have been directed by the Minister of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government to prepare a summary of the households which are eligible for, and in need of social housing support as at 21st September 2016.

The Council is accordingly reviewing its Housing List and invites new applications for social housing support to be made in accordance with the eligibility criteria set out in the Social Housing Assessment Regulations 2011, as amended.

The Council have also contacted approved applicants on 29/08/2016 to ensure that they still want and qualify for support, and to ensure that the details of the applicants’ households is up to date and accurate. Failure to reply by existing applicants may result in their application being removed from the Social Housing Waiting List.

Note: This process does not apply to households who have been approved for inclusion of the Housing waiting list since 21st September 2015. 

John Murray – Head of Finance / Housing
12th August 2016

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